IT Farm is a Manchester-based, award-winning, cloud services provider, operating within the historic Kilburn House (home of the UK’s first-ever Data Centre). We specialise in providing hosted IT solutions to SMEs within the legal sector and are pleased to be an IT partner of Redbrick Solutions.

We’ve had considerable success moving legal firms from their legacy in-house IT set-up to our professional, enterprise-class cloud platform housed in our high security, ISO 27001 accredited, data centres. Some of the benefits of this approach are: better performance, greater security, enhanced data protection, increased reliability, and added flexibility as well as consistent, affordable, and predictable pricing.

We can deliver these business benefits because;

  • We continually strive to maintain the highest levels of Security, Reliability, Productivity, and Support for our hosted IT service and solutions through regular discussions with our network of legal and industry experts and continuous feedback from our customers.
  • We always use the latest technology and processes to meet the robust compliance and regulatory demands of modern law firms.
  • We understand that not all law firms are created equal, that’s why we will always come and meet you face to face to discuss your requirements and tailor our system to fit your exact needs.
  • We employ the brightest people who, above all else, really care about what they do.

Operationally, you work in exactly the same way as you do now. But, you can use any type of end-user access device (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc) from any location in the world, to run and integrate all your apps on the same platform, i.e. Microsoft Office, Outlook, Redbrick, and Sage, etc. The service is charged for on a monthly subscription-per-user basis, and you can simply add new users (or subtract leavers) on a rolling monthly basis.

If you are already considering a move to a hosted IT solution, our guide will help you assess the cost, compliance and operational considerations of choosing a hosted IT provider

To discuss your IT requirements further, or if you have any questions about IT partnerships in general, we would welcome the opportunity to meet you face to face – simply contact IT Farm by emailing, calling 0161 227 0580 or visiting