ReviewSolicitors is the largest dedicated legal review site in the UK with over two million visitors annually. The platform is unique, as it is tailored for, and solely dedicated to, the legal market. Visitors to ReviewSolicitors are motivated and looking seriously for legal advice.

We collect your verified clients’ reviews and publish them on the ReviewSolicitors site. As an accredited and trusted review platform, the reviews you collect through us filter directly to page 1 of Google and are added to Facebook and Twitter also. We list every law firm in the UK and have a live feed from the SRA. This ensures our information is up-to-date and accurate.

ReviewSolicitors offers seamless review collection for law firms by integrating with Redbrick Practice Management. This allows you to automatically ask clients to leave a review upon completion of their matter. ReviewSolicitors has been working closely with Redbrick for several years in order to provide an all-in-one approach to review collection for clients using the Redbrick case management system.