Outcome 7.10 (b) of the SRA Code of Conduct 2011 provides as follows:

“Where you outsource legal activities or any operational functions that are critical to the delivery of legal activities, you ensure such outsourcing… …is subject to contractual arrangements that enable the SRA or its agent to obtain information from, inspect the records (including electronic records) of, or enter the premises of, the third party, in relation to the outsourced activities or functions.”

At Redbrick Solutions, we provide a range of legal services to law firms. We take all of our commercial and regulatory obligations very seriously, maintaining professionalism throughout our entire process. Our SRA compliance is no different.

The SRA has confirmed that they intended this to apply in circumstances where data is stored by a supplier and relied upon by a law firm, for example, off-site and or in a hosted environment.

At Redbrick Solutions, we provide case management products to firms, largely installed and managed within the firm’s existing network. Internal management of the data, such as disaster recovery, data retention, data security and many more, remain solely the responsibility of the law firm.

Where Firms have an off-site back up arrangements in place it is essential that they ensure information entered into our technology is backed up as part of the Firms existing business continuity routines.

If Redbrick Solutions have provided the off-site backup service to your law firm, you can be assured that our legal services are completely compliant with the SRA regulations.

If you use one of our online products such as IDYourClient.com, we confirm that this fully complies with all the legal SRA regulations and established best practices.

All servers where data is managed are UK based and comply with the relevant obligations.

If you’d like to know more about how we meet the SRA regulations, or about any of our other legal services and obligations, get in touch with us today. Call us on 01572 770088 now.