Stay Ahead with 'Digital Move: The Evolution of Conveyancing' CPD Events
Hosted in three different locations, this is a great opportunity for you to learn and network. Attendees can expect insightful discussions and valuable insights, offering a forward-looking perspective on the evolving trends in the conveyancing industry.
Maximise Time, Minimise Errors, and Deliver Exceptional Legal Services Effortlessly
Our software provides a modern, easy to use conveyancing case management system that is delivered by experts, to successful law firms, helping to increase ease and efficiency for all parties.
Cyber Security: Installed v’s Cloud Conveyancing Solutions
With cyber-attack incidents on the rise, legal professionals should weigh the pros and cons of cloud-based and installed solutions when sourcing a software provider for their law firm.
Explore the Benefits of Partnering with Redbrick Solutions
By working with Redbrick Solutions, your law firm will be equipped with a robust platform, empowering you to achieve higher levels of productivity, client satisfaction, and exceptional legal services.
Who We Are

Founded in 2001 and still privately owned, we are widely recognised as the UK’s leading conveyancing case management provider. Over 3000 conveyancers use our software every day, 98% of which said they would recommend Redbrick Solutions legal case management software.

"We create the tools and software to give law firms the ability to deliver a more efficient, profitable and transparent transaction to their clients."

Why Redbrick

Our award-winning conveyancing case management software helps law firms save time and money by assisting users at every step of the legal process, from the initial estimate through to invoicing the client and collecting monies. It produces letters, legal forms, bills and statements in seconds and manages risk via a transparent to-do list visible to case owners with third party links built in. Long gone are the days of needing to post out letters and wait for days to receive a signature on a form. With our solutions you can digitally sign within minutes using a secure and trustworthy platform.

  • Fully customisable conveyancing case management software
  • Unique pay per transaction business model
  • Online tools to interact with your clients
  • HM Land Registry e-DRS with digital AP1s
  • Biometric AML integration
  • Source of Funds and Wealth integration
  • Secure, online document portal
  • 24/7 online case tracking
  • The complete conveyancing software solution
Our Solutions
Conveyancing Case Management

Easy to use conveyancing case management, delivered by experts, for successful law firms.


Fully integrated partners offering everything the modern conveyancer needs.

Biometric ID Checks

Protect your practice from the growing cases of money laundering, identity fraud and mortgage fraud.

Conveyancing Searches

We offer a number of fully integrated search options for conveyancers.

Redbrick Solutions: Legal Case Management Software
Who We Help

We meet many law firms who have management solutions in place but are not extracting the benefits they should be. This may be because the current system is outdated and cost is a barrier to upgrading, or it may be that firms either can’t make customisation changes or they take an unreasonable amount of time and/or cost to implement, so the firm is left with out of date software. It is not uncommon to see firms that have to keep jumping from product to product, with multiple screens open, all of those passwords to remember and the resulting data stored in numerous different places. The risk in this way of working is obvious, be it typographical errors, data breaches or missed steps. Once we show these firms that there is only one case management product they need, they never look back.

  • Fully customisable conveyancing software
  • Increase efficiency and profitability
  • Improve client service
  • Protect against fraud
  • Custom built to work your way
Roney Thankey
Director, Parity Legal
“Here at Parity Legal, we needed a case management system to support our growth and Redbrick Solutions has offered this and more. We have benefitted from many features including, creating our own workflows for different areas of law, using effective client login facilities, creating bespoke reports, along with the training and outstanding support.