About Redbrick

Founded in 2001 and still privately owned, we are widely recognised as the UK’s leading conveyancing case management software. Over 3000 conveyancers use our software every day, 98% of our clients have said they would recommend Redbrick Solutions legal case management software.

“I wouldn’t be able to do my job without it, it’s the most intuitive system we looked at”

‘We create the tools and software to give law firms the ability to deliver a more efficient, profitable and transparent transaction to their clients’

Why us?

We believe a ‘one-stop-shop approach is the most efficient and user-friendly way of working.

We meet many law firms who have to keep jumping from product to product, with multiple screens open, multiple passwords to remember and the resulting data stored in numerous different places. Once we show them our solution and that there is only one conveyancing case management product they need, they never look back.

Redbrick’s conveyancing case management solution integrates with all of the third party links you will need, to ensure you work smarter – not harder. Over 80% of our clients have been with us for more than 6 years (and we have no contracts to tie them in to stay with us!) which we think speaks for itself.

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Our Approach

Here at Redbrick Solutions, we pride ourselves on our ground-breaking legal case management solution for lawyers. Redbrick conveyancing case management is the innovative software of choice for over 3000 legal professionals.

  • The complete conveyancing software solution
  • No cost upgrades
  • Advance data security and encryption
  • 24/7 online case tracking
  • Two-way Outlook integration
  • Source of Funds and Wealth Checks integration
  • HM Land Registry e-DRS with digital AP1s
  • Unique transactional business model
  • Biometric AML integration
  • Free support and maintenance
  • Referrer and quote tool integration
  • Secure, online document portal
  • Industry expertise
Proud to be
Work with Redbrick

Are you looking to kickstart your career in law and technology with a new job? When you choose to work with Redbrick Solutions, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will be given plenty of opportunities to grow and learn new skills, as well as become a vital member of the team. We are always looking to expand our passionate and dynamic team. If you would like to join the fastest-growing legal technology supplier we’d love to hear from you.

Legal Eye Quality Standard

Here at Redbrick Solutions, we are delighted to have achieved the highly desirable Legal Eye Quality Standard following an intensive 6-month assessment process.

We are proud to be the only case management provider to have achieved this Legal Eye standard and have held it since 2014.

The Legal Eye Quality Standard is unique in that it goes above and beyond all of the traditional quality standards. The assessment required Redbrick Solutions to undergo an extensive review of all of their policies, systems, practices and procedures.

Jaunita Gobby, Managing Director at Legal Eye comments, “We are delighted that Redbrick Solutions have achieved the Legal Eye Quality Standard. Redbrick Solutions are very proactive about their risk management and best practice procedures and it was a pleasure working with their team through this process. The systems and procedures that they have demonstrated are very impressive.”

SRA Compliance

Outcome 7.10 (b) of the SRA Code of Conduct 2011 provides as follows:

“Where you outsource legal activities or any operational functions that are critical to the delivery of legal activities, you ensure such outsourcing is subject to contractual arrangements that enable the SRA or its agent to obtain information from, inspect the records (including electronic records) of, or enter the premises of, the third party, in relation to the outsourced activities or functions.”

At Redbrick Solutions, we provide a range of legal services and software to law firms. We take all of our commercial and regulatory obligations very seriously, maintaining professionalism throughout our entire process. Our SRA compliance is no different.