Biometric AML
Redbrick Solutions case management

Biometric ID checks you can rely on

Redbrick’s legal case management software can provide real-time biometric identity checks from our seamless integrations with Credas and Thirdfort.

We understand that law firms face increasing pressure from regulatory bodies to comply with anti-money laundering legislation. 

The Solicitors Code of Conduct requires firms to have a system in place to manage risk, complete due diligence and comply with these legal obligations. Therefore, our system has been designed to provide you with a fast, efficient and reliable solution to ensure that any ID checks are completed swiftly.

Redbrick Biometric AML:

Credas biometric ID checks combine Identity Verification and Facial Recognition technology enabling law firms to perform Anti Money Laundering checks in real-time.  Credas confirms the authenticity of the identity document and that it matches the individual, providing lawyers with a clear audit trail and assurance that any confidential information is safe and secure.

Features & Benefits:

Thirdfort 2

Thirdfort’s ID checks are compliant with HM Land Registry’s Digital ID standard and HMRC guidelines. Plus, we’ve been certified by the UK Government’s Digital Identity & Attributes Trust Framework.

Features & Benefits: