Source of Funds
Redbrick Solutions case management

Best-in-class Source of Funds and Source of Wealth checks all within your existing Redbrick workflows.

With Redbrick’s seamless integrations with Armalytix and Thirdfort, you can save time in two key areas:

1. The amount of time it takes to get all the evidence back from your client

2. The amount of time it takes you to approve source of funds from the evidence you get back

Redbrick Source of Funds:


Our seamless integration with Armalytix allows users to send out Source of Funds analysis and fact find requests to their clients. Armalytix is a data intelligence firm that allows consumers to safely share Open Banking and other data to deliver financial insights to firms.

Features & Benefits:

Thirdfort 2

Create a full picture of your clients’ Source of Funds without all the back and forth. Using Government-backed Open Banking, Thirdfort facilitate instant and secure access to bank statements, and our Source of Funds questionnaire provides extra context.

Features & Benefits: