Source of Funds. Sorted.

Best-in-class Source of Funds and Source of Wealth checks all within your existing Redbrick workflows.

Save time in two key areas:

  1. The amount of time it takes to get all the evidence back from your client
  2. The amount of time it takes you to approve source of funds from the evidence you get back

Watch the short video below to find out how Armalytix can benefit you and your firm:

About Armalytix

Armalytix is a data intelligence firm that allows clients to safely share Open Banking and other data to deliver financial insights to legal firms, helping you conduct faster and more effective Source of Funds and Wealth checks.

Armalytix gives you:

  • Upfront financial fact finds
  • Market-leading analysis
  • Legal Eye endorsed questionnaires

We give you the data, evidence and answers you need, effortlessly integrated into your workflows. Transform the complex, manual process of Source of Funds and Wealth checks into a simple, digital experience for you and your clients.

Features & Benefits

What you get:

  • Upfront financial fact finds which help your client determine their amount to prove. Simply give us the purchase price and we do the rest.
  • We lock the client into proving a value of money in their journey. This helps the client link up the correct bank accounts, and reduces the number of times you have to go back to your client for more evidence.
  • Create tailored questionnaires or choose from industry-endorsed templates
  • Dedicated giftor journey
  • Simple upload of supporting documentation for clients
  • No app or software download for you or your clients. Suitable for a wide range of clients.
  • Pre-highlighted bank statements. We can draw your attention to relevant transactions and reduce the amount of time it takes to review bank statements.

Learn more in our 30-minute webinar below discussing what makes Armalytix best in class as a Source of Funds partner, and how using open banking technology intelligently can drive efficiencies in your firm.

What are people saying about Armalytix?

“The Armalytix products work, and they have made a radical difference to our team. We are more efficient, and Martin and I are all about working less but earning more, and Armalytix helps us achieve just that.”
Lindsey McQueen – Operations Director, Arch Law

“The guys really love the system and it has been a massive help to us.”
Marc Lansdell – Managing Director, Evolve Law

“I would highly recommend Armalytix to all Conveyancers, it will truly make transactions a lot smoother and quicker. Armalytix will provide a more thorough analysis of a client’s source of funds without the Conveyancer having to trail through a mountain of bank statements and make the necessary connections to show a trail of funds.
Chandni Chikhlia – Conveyancer – Quality Conveyancing

What is Open Banking?

Armalytix makes use of Open Banking, which powers new ways to access a wide range of financial services – all built on secure systems from regulated providers. To find out more about Open Banking, watch the video below or have a look at the OBIE site below, they are the body that oversees it in the UK.

For more information about open banking click here.