Case Management

Easy to use conveyancing case management software, delivered by experts, for progressive law firms.

Redbrick conveyancing case management software has been specifically designed to be user-friendly. The user interface of our legal case management system is simple to navigate and follows a logical process that will be familiar to all conveyancers. In client satisfaction surveys, Redbrick’s conveyancing software is consistently awarded 99%+ for ‘ease of use’ and, along with its rich functionality, is one of the main reasons clients choose us. As one of the best conveyancing case management software systems available on the market, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a trusted partner by your side.

Modern conveyancing, the smart way
  • Fully customisable conveyancing software
  • HM Land Registry e-DRS with digital AP1s
  • Online tools to interact with your clients
  • Unique transactional business model
  • Referrer and quote tool integration
  • Biometric AML integration
  • Source of Funds integration
  • Free support and maintenance

The number of conveyancing law firms has declined drastically over the last few years, with there now being just over 4,500 conveyancing firms left. Yet over 75% of all conveyancing transactions are handled by the top 25% of firms. Are you one of them? We help our clients succeed in an increasingly competitive market. Redbrick highlights to clients which strategies work best, based on real-time statistics, and helps them to adapt and automate their processes to compete. We work with government and trade bodies to ensure we are at the cutting edge of new developments and our clients are always well informed.

We have all of the functionality and integrations you would expect from a first-rate conveyancing case management supplier including HM Land Registry e-DRS with digital AP1s, secure document portal, electronic signatures, two-way Outlook integration, SDLT, Biometric AML, Source of Funds and Wealth Checks and many more. Further details can be found below, but the best way to find out how we can help you succeed is to book a demonstration of our conveyancing case management system.

Are you interested in our conveyancing case management software? Get in touch with one of our team members today to discuss how our legal management system can help to take your law firm to the next level.

Features and Benefits
HM Land Registry e-DRS integration with digital AP1s
Redbrick integrates with the Land Registry’s electronic Document Registration service (e-DRS) enabling clients to save time on registrations, minimise errors and reduce risk through electronic audit trails.
Secure 2FA Document Portal
Our secure document sharing portal uses Two Factor Authentication, so that you and your clients can be confident that sensitive information cannot be intercepted. You choose which documents you wish to share via the portal, the client will receive a notification that there is a new document for them to view. They can then download and complete this document in their own time. Changes are saved as they are made so the client does not have to complete everything in one go. Once the client has completed their changes, you will receive a notification within the case management system and it will link directly to the correct client matter.
Electronic Signatures
In our secure document portal you have the option to ask your client to electronically sign any document you upload. You can ask for one, or multiple signatures, as required. The client will be notified that they are required to electronically sign the document and you will be notified once they have done so. Electronic signatures are now legally binding, so why not save time?
Two-way Outlook integration
Never lose track of email correspondence again with our clever Outlook integration. Outbound emails can be sent, with attachments automatically converted to pdf’s, to single or multiple contacts from within the system. Inbound mail is scanned automatically and added to the document history, saving a significant amount of time compared to manually adding correspondence to a file, as well as the cost of printing.
SDLT e-submission
Save a significant amount of time with quick and easy SDLT e-submissions. Data captured throughout the case is automatically populated onto the SDLT form, avoiding the risk of errors in re-keying information. Approximately 90% of the form will be pre-populated for you, with the system highlighting areas where further information is required. The ‘Submit’ button will only become available once the minimum required information has been added. Submissions and returns are managed easily from within the system, showing you which cases are outstanding and storing returned SDLT5's.
Lease Apportionment Calculator
Our simple lease apportionment calculator is a firm favourite with clients, taking just seconds to calculate complicated apportionments and add them to the completion statement.
Easy completion statements and billing
Completion statements for sale, purchase and joint statements for sale and purchase are produced in seconds based on your saved fee structure and charges. These can then be emailed directly to your client from within the system, saving you valuable time.
Improve communication with auto SMS and email updates
Text and Email messages can be pre-programmed into your workflow so that they are sent automatically at key milestones, keeping your clients up to date, improving client satisfaction by demonstrating how pro-active and efficient you are and keeping your matters on track.
One shared diary for the whole firm
Easily manage client meetings, book out your boardroom or check other colleagues availability with one shared diary which also integrates with your Outlook diary so that nothing is overlooked.
24/7 online case tracking and agent tracking
Deliver a high level of service to your clients by providing automatic 24/7 online case tracking. Details are updated in real time, enabling clients to have access to case updates at their convenience. This reduces the volume of inbound phone calls by up to 40%, leaving you free to progress your matters more efficiently. Agents can also use the online tracking service to quickly see updates across all of the properties they have referred to you. You are in control of what is displayed in the tracking portal and can embed it into your own website.
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Work with a trusted conveyancing software partner and:

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  • reduce risk

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What our clients say about us...

“I have always found the staff at Redbrick incredibly helpful, and they have a good understanding of our business and things which may assist us in maximising productivity.

Conveyancing case management cannot do the job of a lawyer, but what it can do is support the lawyer to maximise their time, minimise mistakes and organise schedules. Redbrick does all of this and we continue to be happy customers.”

Dawn Lawson, Partner in the Property Department at NMD Law

    “We first learnt about Redbrick Solutions at a conveyancing conference and were very impressed by the user interface and the ability to significantly save time on our conveyancing matters. The user-friendly conveyancing software has provided numerous benefits to both our staff and clients and has been fully embraced by the team. Redbrick has increased our capacity for work and undoubtedly improved the service we offer to our clients.”

    Roy Rollings, Director & Solicitor at Bird Wilford & Sale Solicitors


At Redbrick Solutions, we are frequently asked by clients to assist in bespoke technical services not covered by our normal support and maintenance team. We are pleased to be able to offer software consultancy services from our in-house development team of experts. Our friendly team of experts are able to cover a whole host of different requirements, answering any technical and software queries you may have. The services we have available include:

  • Server migration
  • Custom SQL queries
  • Extracting data for compliance
  • Hardware purchase, set up and maintenance