Enhancing legal processes with Redbrick Solutions legal case management
26 June 2024

Established in 1979, QualitySolicitors Yates & Co is a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable lawyers with extensive hands-on expertise in their field. They strive to be approachable, practical, and committed to achieving the best outcomes for their clients. In 2011, the firm aimed to standardise procedures to align the work of all fee earners, and Redbrick Solutions legal case management software proved to be the ideal partner to achieve this goal and continues to support their objectives. 

Redbrick offers customisable workflows and document management capabilities that have been invaluable for the law firm. The ability to create tailored workflows, input their own documents, and access any conveyancing file at any time has transformed their operations. This feature is particularly beneficial for team members working remotely and when providing clients with timely updates. Having all documents in one place, easily accessible even after archiving, saves significant time and eliminates the need for off-site paper file retrieval. The streamlined workflows provided by Redbrick enhance productivity and efficiency within the law firm, resulting in improved performance and a positive client experience.

Redbrick’s legal case management solution consistently earns over 99%+ for ‘ease of use’, making it a top choice for clients due to its rich functionality and user-friendly interface. QualitySolicitors Yates & Co experienced a seamless go-live process, enabling their users to confidently navigate the system in under three hours of training, complemented by a wealth of learning videos and user guides in our client Academy.

Jackie Pabla, Partner at QualitySolicitors Yates & Co, comments,

“We are extremely happy with Redbrick’s conveyancing case management software and the service we receive, especially from Sam Jones, is personal and excellent. Sam knows all about us; we do not have to deal with multiple people, which is very refreshing.

The IT support is great, and we can always iron out any issues very quickly. Additionally, the CPD courses offered through Redbrick are really useful too.”

At Redbrick, we strive to provide Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training specifically designed to meet the needs of our clients. The training sessions cover a wide range of topics relevant to the legal profession, ensuring that our clients stay updated on the latest industry trends, regulations, and best practices. With Redbrick’s comprehensive CPD offerings, our clients can enhance their knowledge and skills, ultimately enabling them to deliver exceptional service to their own clients.

Jackie Pabla continues,

“We are now looking to introduce Redbrick for our Wills and Probate department.”

At Redbrick, our legal case management software for wills and lasting power of attorney is designed for ease of use and crafted to ensure maximum efficiency for both law firms and their clients. With our intelligent legal software, case management is made exceptionally easy and customisable with just a click of a button. 

QualitySolicitors Yates & Co remains committed to delivering exceptional legal services, and their partnership with Redbrick Solutions continues to support their offering. 

For more information, please visit qualitysolicitors.com/yatesandco or redbricksolutions.co.uk.