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September 14th 11am

FCI Webinar | Environmental reports – why they Further Action and how to achieve a Passed report

Further actions on environmental reports can be frustrating for conveyancers and home buyers. Our speaker Steve Johnson of CLS Property Insight will discuss why environmental reports report Further Action, options around communicating these results to your clients and the information you can source to convert the Further Action into a Passed report. We’ll discuss why new build properties might Further Action and what can be done. We’ll also discuss insurance options your clients may take up.

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21 September 11am

FCI Webinar | FCI Planning and Neighbourhood change

This webinar will cover:

  • Recent history: Localism Act, neighbourhood plans/ consultation but slow builds, not keeping up with household demand/housing crisis
  • Move to centralisation – Jenrick overhaul with new Housing Plan – the “mutant algorithm” & opposition Vs. housing targets – traditional NIMBY tensions
  • Council allocations of land for development – calls for land, land use zoning and SHEELAs.
  • Impact of urban expansion on rural fringes – case study of Winchester
  • Impact of reversion to brownfield first and infill – examples of urban disruption
  • The need to pay close attention to land use changes and planning permissions/applications, especially land acquisition and prior failed applications that will come back amended.
  • The human impact of neighbourhood change

– Negative: noise, traffic, air quality, loss of view/value

– Positive: gentrification/renewal, precedent and trend for extensions, dormer windows etc. for improvements and capital growth/ forever homes.

  • The role of planning data and searches – recognising its importance.
  • Planning report features and availability.

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5 October 11am

Terrafirma Webinar | Coastal Hazards and the Impact on Property with Geologist Maura Partridge

About this Event

Coastal Hazards – flooding, erosion and landslides all can have devastating effects on property and land. In this 30 minute, fun and interactive session, Geologist Maura Partridge will explore risks to property and land from coastal hazards, how these processes shape our coastline, and the impact of climate change. Maura will also include key information on shoreline management plans and coastal retreat which is included in the Coastal Hazard risk assessment within the Ground Report. After the session there will also be a 10 minute Q&A opportunity.

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19 October 11am

FCI Webinar | New Build Plot Compliance

This session is suitable for all property professionals and will cover:

• The standard way new builds are treated with environmental search data
• The appropriate way to review new build plots
• Plot sales for new build development, self-build and homeowner purchase all need greater individual scrutiny
• Case study – Bradford development next to Landfill branded “worthless”
• How FCI treat plot sales searches
• Benefits to clients: developers, homebuyers.

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