Bold Legal Group

Redbrick Solutions are delighted to have partnered with the Bold Legal Group to offer their member conveyancing law firms access to the best conveyancing case management solution, at discounted rates.

With the implementation of the Legal Services Act 2007, a new SRA Handbook and many other issues to deal with, the Bold Legal Group act as an extra ‘pair of eyes’ to make sure law firms were kept fully informed and up to date with issues such as:

  • Law Society Conveyancing Portal, Veyo (long gone!)
  • The (then) possible privatisation of the Land Registry
  • Outcome Focused Regulation
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Changes to Chancel Repair Liability
  • Mortgage/Identity Fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • SRA Fraud/Scam Alerts
  • Law Society Practice Notes
  • Alternative Business Structures
  • Lender Panel Requirements
  • The Conveyancing Quality Scheme
  • Lawyer Checker
  • Lender Exchange

Unlike other legal networks BLG members work together, they share experiences, problems, solutions and successes. They help fight each other’s corner if necessary. Our main aim is to empower BLG members to confidently embrace and exploit the new opportunities that the changing legal landscape creates and to ensure that consumers have continued access to good efficient legal advice and help throughout England and Wales.

Redbrick Solutions provide easy to use case management, delivered by experts, to successful law firms.  All Bold Legal Group members are entitled to a 25% discount on set up fees, as well as no cost upgrades, support and maintenance.

For further information on our award winning conveyancing case management solution please see HERE.

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