The Coadjute and Redbrick Solutions integration connects the software you use today to other platforms across the property market.

Coadjute connects you to other property professionals, so you can share key facts and details about the property deal – without ever leaving Redbrick.

This will save you time and energy dealing with administrative tasks and chasing for updates so you can focus on growing your business and building stronger relationships with your clients.

Coadjute is connecting the property market

Find out how Coadjute is connecting the property market through existing software platforms so conveyancers, estate agents, mortgage brokers and lenders have access to real-time status updates and can collaborate together with ease.

Benefits of using Coadjute

Coadjute and Redbrick are adding additional features to your legal case management software to improve the way you work and save you time and energy dealing with non-conveyancing tasks.

Spend less time on admin

With your new Coadjute integration you can now cooperate and work together with other parties involved in a shared property transaction from within Redbrick.

You will always know where in the process each deal is and no longer need to chase other parties for updates.

Avoid lengthy emails and time-consuming calls by connecting Redbrick with Coadjute.

Discover faster transactions

Your improved software enables faster transactions for your clients as less time is spent on admin and following up for updates.

Your new Coadjute and Redbrick integration creates more time for legal review and growing your client base.

You can now increase your revenue whilst providing additional value to clients with much faster transactions.

Enjoy secure communications

Coadjute uses a secure and encrypted blockchain network to help protect your clients’ sensitive data.

You can share progress updates, messages, and documents with confidence.

The encrypted network secures your data so that it is only visible to you and the receiving party.

How Coadjute will benefit your firm

Coadjute are connecting you to the rest of the property market so that you and your clients can benefit from faster case progression and easier ways of working

Collaborate within Redbrick

With your Coadjute integration, your existing Redbrick software will now be connected to other software platforms in the market so you can work with estate agents and all other parties involved in a shared property transaction with ease

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All of your data will be synchronised and you’ll be able to see status updates, send or receive documents, and message each other – all from within your existing Redbrick legal case management software.


Experience faster transactions

Coadjute helps you experience faster transactions when your software is connected in real-time to others in the property market.

Coadjute is seamlessly integrated within your software and synchronises data across multiple property platforms so there is one single source of truth about the property transaction. Use the Coadjute integration to:

  • Work with other property professionals from within Redbrick
  • Remove manual updates of Redbrick using phone calls or emails
  • View real-time updates to identify delays or blockers
  • Synchronise your platform for a single view of the property deal
  • Send and receive documents securely from within Redbrick

Coming soon!

These new features will be coming to your Redbrick software soon. There will be training on how to use the Coadjute integration and you’ll get the chance to familiarise yourself with the new features.

For information on what to expect, book a demo with the Coadjute team today!

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For further information on Coadjute please visit: www.coadjute.com

For further information about Redbrick Solutions conveyancing case management solution please see https://redbricksolutions.co.uk/what-we-do/