Top tips when choosing a conveyancing case management system for your law firm
08 August 2023

What challenges are you and your team currently facing?

Within your legal practice you should establish what key challenges the team are facing and outline the requirements needed of a legal case management system. Involving the whole team and discussing useful tools, functionality and integrations will assist you in choosing the most suitable software provider for your firm.

Will the legal case management provider future proof your firm?

It is important to establish the longevity of the system you are reviewing – are there software updates and if so, are there any cost implications, how is the system supported and maintained, what level of support is included? Having the answer to these questions will help support your important decision.

Have you booked a software demonstration?

The best way to help make your decision to choose the perfect platform for your firm is to see the software first hand. Book a demo at a time that suits you and your team to review the solution and use the meeting to ask any additional questions that you may have. The demo should show you how you can fully utilise the software and build your confidence in the product and their team.

Do you know exactly what is included in the price?

Each legal case management provider may manage their costing differently and might not include all the functionality that you need in their price. Be clear on the costs to avoid any hidden charges or unexpected restrictions, such as training, support, and integrations.

Does the provider have any reviews or case studies?

Learning about what others have experienced with the software and the features and benefits that have supported them is a great way to know if the software is suitable for your law firm. Honest feedback on the provider, the product and their services will help support your important decision.

We are here to support you and your law firm…

Law firms considering implementing conveyancing case management software should certainly weigh up the benefits of using a new solution and whether the software provider aims to keep law firms compliant, efficient, and profitable.

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