Choosing the right conveyancing search provider is always critical. Here at Redbrick Solutions, our system integrates with the two largest conveyancing search providers, enabling us to offer clients increased flexibility when it comes to carrying out their conveyancing searches.

The search portal can be accessed with just the click of a button, directly from Redbrick Practice Management. With automatic logins, clients, matter and property details will be populated on your behalf, saving you time and removing any possibility of duplication or errors.

Designed to increase efficiency and accuracy, our system allows you to streamline the conveyancing search process.

Find out more about the features available below.

Features / Benefits

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Fully integrated into Redbrick Practice Management

Redbrick Solutions integrate with the two largest conveyancing search providers to offer clients the most flexibility and choice. Searches are provided by either Conveyancing Data Services or  PoweredbyPie . Access the search ordering portal with one click, directly from the matter in RPM. You will be automatically logged in and the client, matter and property details will be automatically populated for you. This saves you time by removing duplication and also removes the risk of errors in re-keying the data. Once searches have been ordered, results are returned directly into the appropriate matter in RPM.

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Fast turnaround time

Most searches are returned instantly. Local Authority searches vary depending on the authority, but the average is 3-5 days. The system will keep you updated on actual return times so you always know where you are. If you are in a rush to complete we can expedite searches for you, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

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Competitively priced

We always provide competitively priced searches, which, when bundled together as a pack can often attract a discount. We will help you to review your search requirements to help you remain compliant whilst you benefit from the time savings and integration with RPM.

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Save ‘favourites’ for easy ordering

We will set up as many ‘search packs’ as you like (bundles of searches you order regularly). These can be added to your ‘favourites’ along with any other ad-hoc searches you regularly order. Your ‘favourite’ searches will always be at the top of your screen and ready to order with just one click.

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Additional searches automatically recommended

The system will automatically suggest additional searches for you, based on the postcode. For example, a flood, mining or radon search. This is particularly useful if you are acting in an area that is not local or known to you.

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Online tracking

Track the progress of your searches in your online portal. The history is updated with current status and turnaround times, enabling you to manage your clients expectations and efficiently plan your caseload.

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Searches returned directly into the correct matter in RPM

Search results are returned directly into the appropriate matter in RPM, as and when they are ready.  You will receive notifications to keep you up to date with progress and to notify you when results have been returned.

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Search fee guarantee

If you are signed up to the Conveyancing Data Services or PoweredbyPie search fee guarantee scheme and a matter aborts, you can order the same searches again, within 6 months, at no cost. Also, if you order a regulated search and a lender insists on an official search, we will provide one to you at no extra cost. Terms and conditions apply.

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Mapping tool included

You have the option of uploading your own plan at no cost or using the user friendly mapping tool in the system. Highlight and shade specific areas and leave notes about any particular queries for the agent.

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Stored online for easy access

RPM will clearly highlight when searches have already been ordered on a matter and allow you to access the order with the click of a button from within the case.  Results are returned and stored against the correct matter, from where you can forward them directly to you client.

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Highly rated support service

Search experts are on hand to answer any queries relating to particular searches, results or the portal.

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Covered by £20m indemnity policy

All PoweredbyPie searches are covered by a £20m indemnity policy (available upon request) to insure against any errors in compiling the search results, as well as a £2m search warranty to insure against any diminution in value arising from inaccurate/incorrect information being supplied by the local authority.